The Importance of Responding to Online Reviews and Comments

The Importance of Responding to Online Reviews and Comments

Exceptional customer service has been the pillar of success for business for many years. Businesses have previously relied on word-of-mouth to spread positive customer experiences, but with new technology and new (digital) marketing platforms, customer satisfaction is now more visible than ever before.

We are seeing a lot of businesses treat social media marketing as set-and-forget way of getting there name out there. But today, customers are turning to social media for answers to their commonly asked questions, or to reach out to a brand when they need answers. For this reason, it’s important to answer reviews and comments and build an strong online reputation.

Your Online Reputation is Important

You may have heard that it is important to “manage things that damage your online reputation” but there is more to your online reputation. Answering both positive and negative reviews and comments shows customers that you read you read your social media pages and care about what customers have to say.

This aspect of social media management is essential for retaining and increasing followers, customer engagement and interaction, as well as boost SEO. Here are just a few ways to manage your online reputation.

Respond To Reviews

Positive or negative, think of reviews as a way to grow and learn from your customers. 82% of customers read reviews for local businesses before purchasing from your or visiting your business.

Here are a few ways in which you can go about answering reviews:

Positive Reviews

It may be tempting to leave a positive review but best practice would be to respond. Your customer has taken the time out to leave positive feedback about the service or product you offer. Responding to positive feedback shows customers that you care.

Negative Reviews

Take this as an opportunity to grow. Seeing a negative review about your business or service may leave you feeling upset, but maintain your cool when responding to these types of reviews.

In your response, outline to the reviewer the actions you are going to take to rectify the situation and provide them with a direct email or telephone number to allow them the opportunity to contact you directly in case there is something that they wish to discuss further or if not enough detail has been provided for you to understand the full situation.

We recommend that you respond to all negative reviews publicly within 24 business hours, to showcase your business’s interest in the feedback that your customer has provided. If you send the reviewer a private message to get further details, be sure to go back to the review and respond to it while you wait for their response.

Manage Social Media Comments

Social Media success revolves around consistently increasing customer interactions and engagement. Apart from likes, the number of comments your brand receives on posts indicates engagement.

Post comments will most often be related to the content of the post but sometimes they may be related to the brand – positive and negative.

Publicly responding to as many comments as you see appropriate will not only help your online reputation but will also encourage customers to post comments on future posts. Make sure you treat any negative comments in the same way you would treat a negative review. Allow the customer the opportunity to contact your company directly in order to resolve their complaint offline.

Need more information on the best practises when answering your reviews or social media comments? Contact us for a review and comment response strategy.

Tyla Jones

Digital Marketing Specialist and Owner of TYDE Online