Editorial Calendar for Product Based Businesses


As a small business owner myself, I know the struggles of coming up with new and exciting content. We are so focused on running our businesses that we get caught up in a content loop, posting the same content over again. This editorial calendar is the perfect way to help you show up on social media with new and fun ideas, and help you to avoid feeling like you have nothing to post. 

I have designed this editorial content calendar to be easy for you to use and integrated with your product-based business. With instructions on how to use it and ideas for over a year’s worth of social media post ideas, my editorial content calendar is the perfect way to help you get your business out of the content loop that you may be in on Instagram and Facebook. 

What you get

A ready-to-use printable PDF download that contains 372 content ideas for you to post over the next year, as well as a reusable template for you to jot down your own ideas.

The prompts and ideas cover a variety of content pillars such as personal posts, reviews, engaging questions, product showcases, and more that are all designed to showcase every aspect of your small product-based business.