How To Create A Newsletter That Your Subscribers Will Love

How To Create A Newsletter That Your Subscribers Will Love

Crafting your email subscriber list with things that get interested people to sign-up is the easy part, but what do you say once your readers have arrived? 

Creating engaging content, and emails that get opened isn’t as hard as you think. Here are a few ideas to nurture your communication efforts into a valuable tool that delights your audience. 

What is the purpose of your newsletter?

Let’s get more specific, what would you like your readers to do after they have read your email? Do you want them to head over to your website? Connect with you via social media? Or use your words as guidance in day-to-day life? 

Consider how and why your readers have signed up in the first place. For example, if they signed up for insider tips; how can you share your knowledge with them? 

Consider your funnels; set a goal for each email, create a call to action and point your readers to the place they can buy from you or read a blog post. 

How will your readers benefit from reading your newsletter?

It’s easy to confuse simply sharing updates with providing your readers with valuable information that they can act on. 

Make it personal

Share something that happened to you from your week, or a personal story of a lesson you learn that will help you connect, build trust, and ultimately show that you’re human too. If you are going to take the time to write a personal email, treat it like you would write a letter to a friend,. Being transparent makes you believable. 

Add Value

Don’t fall into the habit of simply providing your readers with an update. Your audience aren’t just a list of people that read your newsletters, they are your tribe. These are people who support your small business dreams and are invested in your journey. If they have signed up they are interested in what you have to say. 

Think about how you can help the,. Write tips and tricks that the person can walk away with and use in their own business or life. If your readers find value and pleasure in what you’ve written, they’ll keep reading. 

Make sure they will open the newsletter in the first place

You can do this by creating a catchy subject line. You may write the best content for a mailing list, but if no one opens that newsletter then you have wasted your time. Consider posing a question, making a bold statement, or anything that creates curiosity. 

Think about the types of emails that you open. Create a folder in your inbox where you store newsletters that you receive so that you can look back on them. What type of subject lines do they use? And what is in the letters that keeps your reading to the very end? Take note of what you click on because your readers will likely click on something similar. 

Don’t call it … a newsletter

The word newsletter may be killing your creativity, and your audiences. You may choose to fill the content with daily inspiration, love notes, or resources and articles. It’s your choice what you call it but don’t call it… a newsletter.

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Tyla Jones

Digital Marketing Specialist and Owner of TYDE Online