Ethical Essentials Brand Development

Ethical Essentials Brand Development

Brand Development. Corporate Identity. Web Design. Social Media.

The TYDE Online team was tasked with helping our client bring their ethical business concept and brand to life. From our initial discussion in January 2020 we have worked very closely to develop what you now see as the Ethical Essentials brand.

Ethical Essentials provides well-researched and carefully selected eco-friendly products to the public. All of their products are chosen for their positive impact on both your health and the environment.

Our process was to partner with our client on their branding journey. We assisted with their logo design, font selection, and colour palette.

The brand is inspired by eco-living and environmentally-friendly lifestyles that encourage change and growth for our planet. We took inspiration from the branding journey and tag-line “Engaging in and Eco Earth” to design their online store.

The website is clean, minimal and incorporates key elements from the Corporate Identity. The company is based in the United Kingdom and necessary steps have been taken to ensure that the website complies with GDPR regulations.


Collecting newsletter subscribed is an important marketing tool for our client and for this reason we took all necessary steps to ensure that newsletter subscribers are being collected correctly and effectively. We designed a Mailchimp website popup to collect subscribers entering the website for the first time. We also ensured that the link between the online store as well as Mailchimp has been setup correctly to collect subscribers from customers that allow Ethical Essentials to do so. 

We assisted with a newsletter template design that is easily editable and can be populated with content on a monthly basis and sent to subscribers gathered through the website.


Not only did we create and optimise both our client’s Facebook and Instagram pages, we were also tasked with content creation for the month before the website launch. We designed 15 social media posts that were both compatible with Facebook and Instagram, created a caption for each post and scheduled all the content on agreed upon dates and times.


As part of the service offerings, we designed single-sided business cards for Ethical Essentials. We provided a few options for our client to choose from and this was the final design.

Tyla Jones

Digital Marketing Specialist and Owner of TYDE Online