Belle Nails | Private Nail Salon

Belle Nails | Private Nail Salon

Creative Design; Branding; Web Design; Social Media

We were tasked with rebranding this privately owned nail salon’s entire look and feel. The rebrand took the brand from coral and glitter to navy blue with a pop of rose gold. We designed four logo options for different applications – corporate branding, social media trademarks, and more.

We designed a website suitable for a small, privately owned nail salon. The website has been designed to allow customers to see basic contact information, prices, and request an appointment online.

The website’s gallery has been integrated with Instagram. Any new images added to the client’s Instagram account will appear on the website so there is minimal maintenance.

To showcase the rebrand, we created 4 social media posts for the client to post directly to their Facebook page. All social media platforms were optimised with the new brand look and feel by adding the new logo as a profile image and a selected picture, from the website, as the page cover.

Tyla Jones

Digital Marketing Specialist and Owner of TYDE Online