8 Ways to Improve Organic Social Media Reach

8 Ways to Improve Organic Social Media Reach

Social Media channels are adopting their own form of SEO and algorithm. Personalisation is the new way to go and that’s what customers want, so social media channels are showing customers what they want to see and what they want to engage in.

This algorythm works by putting your post into a small pool of your followers and the more engagement that it gets, the larger the pool that it gets put into.

The question is, how do you get more engagement on your posts so that you can land up in the bigger pool?

We understand that for small businesses, it may not always be reasonable to pay for adverts so we are sharing our top 8 tips to help you organically spread the word about your business and boost your engagement.

Optimise Your Social Media Profiles

Remember earlier we said that Social Media channels are developing their own form of SEO and algorithm? Well, we can liken them to Google SEO and should therefore apply similar SEO tactics to Social Media channels for better visibility.

Here are a few ways that you could optimise your social channels:

  • Use an easy-to-remember username across all channels
  • If you’re a business, use your brand logo as your profile picture for easy brand recognition
  • If you’re a blogger/freelancer, keep it personal by adding a portrait shot of yourself
  • Use your cover image to display catchy content that sums up your business/brand
  • Use keyword-rich descriptions that still sound natural
  • A trackable link back to your website

Post Evergreen Content

When you find a new and super trendy influencer to follow on Instagram, you find yourself scrolling aimlessly through their older content to see whether or not you want to follow them. Social Media posts stay on your timeline forever so it’s important to publish content that doesn’t have an expiry date.

It’s easier said than done, but we suggest that you focus on solving common and persistent problems in your industry that others can learn from. Even better, add some humour where you can.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Posting more to your Social Media channels is not always the answer to better and more engagement. Rather then working hard to share as much content as possible, focus on posting high-quality, relevant content at the right time.

Schedule your posts using a Social Media tool like Buffer to free up your time during the day and allow to you focus on tasks without having to break away to upload a post.

Even though there are plenty online resources that provide you with recommendations of posting frequency, there is no exact number of times a day that you should post to your channels and your business is unique so don’t be afraid to play around with different frequencies.

Use Post Targeting To Boost Your Organic Reach

In November of 2019 there were reportedly 1.69 billion active users on Facebook and this number grows on a daily basis so taking any opportunity to better target your audience so that the right people see your posts can be beneficial for your brand.

This tactic is great for using on Facebook. When Facebook first launched this feature, their were around 8 targeting options that you could use for a post, but with the recent update in Facebook now only allows you to target your posts organically to an audience whose age and location you decide.

Here’s how to set a targeted audience with your Facebook posts.

At this point, it is unclear to us if any scheduling platforms allow you to select an organic targeting audience directly from their platforms. You will need to enquire with your chosen scheduler.

Add The Right Hashtags

This tip mainly applies to Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Although it seems to be picking up in popularity, Facebook users don’t often search using hashtags.

Hashtags, when used correctly, can increase your engagement with your followers and create an opportunity to build your brand.

A great way to boost brand awareness and encourage your followers to engage with your business is to create a memorable hashtag that you leave in your bio. Use it when you post and encourage your users to use the same when responding to you. Monitor the hashtag and interact with everyone that uses your hashtag because they’re using it to connect with you.

Try Posting During Slow Hours

A Social Media misconception is that you have to post during the times that people are online, but think about it this way – all of your competitors are posting at that exact time and throwing their content into a hurricane of posts.

By posting during the slower periods you may find that you get more quality leads from social surfers that are not bombarded with an onslaught of Social Media posts telling them that they need a particular product or service.

Looking at research, here are some suggested posting times.

  • Facebook – (Thursdays/Fridays) between 1pm and 3pm
  • Twitter –  (weekdays) between 12pm and 6pm
  • LinkedIn – (Tuesday – Thursday) between 7am/8am and 5pm/6pm

Even though there are plenty of online resources that provide recommendations on generally ideal posting times, your business is unique so have a look at your own audience data and make sure that you factor them into your posting time considerations. After all, they are the ones that you want to have see your content.

Promote Your Profiles Everywhere

Every place that your business is has the potential to showcase your Social Media channels. Add your social handles to your website, email signatures, and business cards.

There is also nothing wrong with cross-promoting your pages across Social Media Channels. The followers on one channel may be different to the followers you have on another and it would be beneficial to turn Twitter followers into Facebook likes and vice-versa.

Interact With Other Accounts

If you properly engage with other people and reply to their comments you start to build up a great reputation for your business/brand and great word-of-mouth will spread to new users.

Tyla Jones

Digital Marketing Specialist and Owner of TYDE Online