20 Tips to Help You Become A Better Freelancer

20 Tips to Help You Become A Better Freelancer

Following the 2020 world pandemic and the immense effect it had on the economy and jobs, the number of freelancers are on the rise. 

Are you considering a move into the freelancing world? Or maybe you have already started freelancing but want to make sure that you have not missed anything that could help boost your success. Well, to help you along here are 20 useful tips that will help you make your freelancing business more professional. 

Create a business plan

We know that you’re excited to get started on with your new adventure but take some time to sit back and really think about how you want to run your small business. Create a business plan so that you can better outline youR goals and how you are going to meet them. 

Make sure that you understand your target market

Before you can start your freelance work, you need to make sure that you know who your potential clients are going to be. Understanding your target market is vital to your success and will help you plan your pricing structure, implement your marketing strategy and focus your time. 

Be flexible

You may have an idea of how you want your small business to run, but at the beginning of your journey, be flexible. Services that you thought were going to be a hit may turn out to be a flop and other that you thought were duds may turn out to be hugely popular. 

Be clear on your costs

Make sure that you have a clear idea about your costs and pricing structure. Do some market research to ensure that you are inline with your competitors. 

Grow your online presence

Grow your online presence by building a website and social media profiles for your business. Having a website and well-presented social media profiles is key to creating a great first impression for your potential clients. 

Work on your own projects

Your workload will have highs and lows, during the low periods take some time to work on your own projects. Batch your social media content – spend a day grafting all of your social media images, blog posts and videos. Or work on something creative to keep your talents sharp. 

Reach out to old clients

When your workload does die down and you’re looking for new projects to work on, try reaching out to old clients to see if they have any work available. You may find that your email is just the call to action that they needed. 

Don’t be a unicorn

Rathering than being a jack of all trades, become an expert in your field. Provide your clients with a professional service in your field of expertises. If you do that, and do it well your clients will help you grow by sharing their great experience with their peers. 


Most clients will be genuine, but protect yourself by asking for an upfront deposit before you begin working on a project. 

Set work boundaries

As a solopreneur you will have a lot more flexibility than if you were in a 9-5. However, it can also lead to late nights and unproductivity so be strict with yourself and set yourself a schedule to stick to. 

Increase your bid

If you have enough work to keep you busy, try bid a higher price for a service that a potential client has enquired about. If you’re already busy it won’t hurt not to land the deal, but if they do take you up on the proposal you gain a new high-paying client. 

Let clients go

It can sometimes be really difficult to let go of a client. However, if the client is causing you headaches letting them go will be positive for your career. 

Ask for reviews

When you have a client that is happy with your work, ask them to leave you a review. Most clients will be happy to leave a review when prompted to.

Register on freelance job websites

Be confident in your skills and abilities and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there on freelancing platforms. Here are a few great ones:

Start networking

Freelancing is often a solitary career. Find a local networking or community group of people that share the same interests as you and who are perhaps in the same position as you. This way you can bounce ideas off of each other and avoid feeling isolated. 

Get organised

Being efficient with your time is a key to the success of your business. Using your time wisely and efficiently frees up the resource that makes your business possible – time. Create templates to speed up recurring tasks (like emails, or proposal presentations), and invest in software that will help save you time, for example, if tax and accounting is not your thing, invest in a software like Quickbooks that does all of this for you. 

Set goals

Setting goals is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you stay motivated. Set daily, weekly, and even monthly goals for the amount of work that you want to do, financial goals that you want to reach, and even social media follower goals to keep you motivated and ensure that you are always moving forward. 

Create a budget (and stick to it)

Income as a freelancer is anything but steady. It helps to create a budget and stick to it as well as having a saving you can fall back onto if the work dries up. 

Keep ahead of the game

Stay up to date with new trends by reading relevant news, engaging with others in your industry on platforms like LinkedIn, and even doing some online courses through training sites like Udemy, Skillshare, and Degreed

Go above and beyond

With every project you do, make sure you deliver your very best possible work. Going above and beyond each time leads to great reviews and happy, lifelong clients.

Tyla Jones

Digital Marketing Specialist and Owner of TYDE Online